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about us


Welcome to our Schlagerbauer organic farm!

The organic farm is located in the city of Salzburg , in the Maxglan district and has been family-owned for over 150 years.

My name is Stefanie and I run the organic farm together with my partner Gerhard and our three children.

Our core areas are the dairy industry and

laying hen husbandry .

In addition, our holiday home is available for farm holidays.

On our farm we give

23 dairy cows with offspring, 300 laying hens, 2 pigs, 2 ducks, Charlotte the rabbit and Elsa the cat have a home.

School classes can visit our farm from autumn 2022 and learn interesting facts about agriculture.


Fresh organic products from our farm!

In our small self-service room

we offer daily fresh organic eggs from our hard -working laying hens as well as organic milk from ours

dairy cows.

Opening hours:

Our organic shop is open 24 hours a day .

Note: The organic eggs are available while stocks last.

That's how it works:

pick the eggs

take them out of the fridge.

The money goes in the black box

please be accurate and honest.

You bring the egg carton

next time again with

refill eggs and keep the environment fit.

You don't have to wait long for the organic milk, 

you get them straight from the vending machine.

You put your vessel in

You can pay with coins or bills.

Now you press start and have to wait a moment

you can start home with your milk.

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